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 Protecting your engine is very important in your motorcycles performance. One of the most overlooked area,s is the air filter, this should be changed every 30 minutes. Always use a clean and properly oiled filter. We recommend using Maxima FFT oil and a Twin Air filter. We do not recommend the use of spray on filter oil. You should always use a pre mix oil ratio of 32:1, this is a mixture used commonly. Always use a good pre mix oil, Marshall’s firmly believes in Maxima Products for all your engine components. You should always change your bottom end oil (transmission) regularly,We usually say every 1-2 hours which will help prevent clutch failure and engine life. Again use Maxima Products for this as well.

Pistons on a 2 stroke should be changed every 15-20 hours for optimum performance. Vertex pistons are always a great product. Always check spark plug and end gap, (set to manuals gap). Reeds should be checked on a monthly basis for chips or cracks.

Jetting your motorcycle can greatly improve your performance of you bike, this should be done by a reputable tuner, this can vary from elevation to temperature. We recommend using VP C-12 race fuel if your going to use a race fuel, this fuel is very consistent with very little jetting problems. On a lower compression engine you can mix this 50/50 with a higher octane pump gas. Feel free to e-mail or call us for more info.