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Testimonial Quotes

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Justin Bogle Marshall has done my suspension my whole amateur career. I have won over 20 National titles using his suspension. His racing Knowledge has helped me achieve my racing dream of becoming  a AMA SX CHAMP.

Travis Pastrana Marshall helped my in my last year as an amateur at Loretta Lynn’s. His experience help me win both A class titles and the AMA Horizon Award.

Thanks Marshall

Jessica Patterson Marshall’s Racing helped me win 2 AMA Women’s Pro National Titles.  My bike was always suspended great and work good in the toughest of conditions.He tested with me at the famous Cooperland Track in Stillwater Ok.

Guy Cooper Marshall helped me win my 1990 125 cc AMA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP Title. We won by 1 point in  my dream season. We won 12 races together and finished 2nd  in a lot of 250 SX Races.

Brian Swink      Marshall was my mechanic when I won my 1992 AMA 125 cc SX CHAMPIONSHIP. We won a lot of races together and he was with me for 5 years.

Thanks Marshall  Brian Swink

Ryan Dungey

Marshall did my brother and mines suspension on our Kawasaki’s for one year when we were amateurs. We still are friends today as Marshall works part time for Dunlop.

Kyle Peters

Marshall does my suspension for the Crossland Honda race team. It feels great on the SX track and the roughest outdoor tracks we ride one.

Thanks Marshall

Colt Nichols       I have won a few amateur titles with Marshall’s Racing suspension. He also helped  me on the Crossland GPI Honda race team. I always felt in control and was great in testing.

Fredrick Noren       I got to work with Marshall in 2015 with the Crossland team. Marshall and Ryo from American Showa had my bike aleays feeling comfortable on the track. They both are very Knowledgeable in suspension set up.

Ryo Okuda AMERICAN SHOWA     Marshall and I have worked together this past year with the Crossland team. He is very smart and experienced in how suspension works.