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Welcome to Marshall’s Racing, if your having second thoughts of having your suspension revalved we will try to explain the differences from stock to a Marshall’s revalved components.If you have any questions feel free to view our testimonials page. We spend many hours  testing our suspension on various track conditions and terrains. We offer settings ranging from MX, SX, AX, to woods and enduro riding. We are continuously testing our settings and if at any time come up with a different setting that works better we will update your currently valved setting for free. You should enjoy a plush and more enjoyable ride after having your suspension revalved, and also should see more consistent and improved lap times. We say you should go faster and last longer in your races.

Keeping your suspension serviced at regular intervals drastically improves the performance of your motorcycle,s handling which improves your results. We suggest having your fluids changed regularly and serviced at least once a year (serious racers should change oil in shock and fork every 20-25 hours, and have both components serviced every 40-45 hrs.).   We also suggest that you have your suspension serviced by a trained Suspension Technician as with the evolution of today’s suspension, it  has become very sophisticated and hard to work on without any experience. It might seem a little expensive to have it done by a trained technician but much cheaper if done wrong, because of improper assembly causing a parts failure. This can also lead to a ill handling motorcycle. Also a good tip is to keep all suspension components clean, when washing your motorcycle lift up on shock bump rubber and wash under it, this will help prevent dirt entering the seal head area of your shock. It is also a good habit to lay your bike on its side and wash the underside of your forks and behind the fork guards.

If you follow all the guidlines your suspension should be maintenance free, one thing to remember is fork seal failure is usually caused by dirt entering through the dust wiper seal and then works it way into the main oil seal. If you see this or any oil leaking please have suspension serviced so the dirt does not enter into the internal components, this could wear all parts internally and become very expensive. Forks seals will usually go out in adverse riding conditions like mud or sand. Marshall’s will stand behind our service or rebuild of forks for a short period if suspension has been well maintained and not ridden under adverse conditions.

Good Luck and Hope to see you at a race soon.

Marshall Plumb

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Suspension Services Engine

Your engine is a very important part of your race machine, and it does require regular maintenance schedule. First you need to keep your machine clean and looking good at all times, removing tank and plastic frequently while cleaning is a great habit. One overlooked area is the air filter, this should be cleaned and change at least every hour, this will help prevent dirt from entering your engine. We recommend a good quality air filter and oil. At Marshall’s we only use Maxima Oils and Twin Air Filters.

2 Stroke engines should have piston replaced every 25-30 hours to keep your motor at optimum performance. We also recommend a good 2 stroke oil and a mixture of 32;1. Again we recommend Maxima Racing oils. Always check your anti freeze and keep it at a safe level. Another thing that will help your engine perform is a well jetted engine. Always keep an eye on your plug and refer to your owners manual for any jetting specs. We also recommend to use a good fuel ( race fuel is always recommended). Also keeping your engine oil changed at a regular interval( 1-2 hrs) will help the life of your clutch and transmission.

4 Stroke engines actually require more maintenance than the average person would think. One overlooked area on a 4 stroke is the valve clearance. Keeping your valve lash clearance to spec is important to engine life and performance. Average clearance is

Intake .004-,006. thousand Exhaust .006-,009 thousand is a safe and good performance setting.

It is the same as a 2 stroke for air filter and engine oil maintenance, you should replace oil filter every other oil change. Always check anti freeze level and jetting on a carbureted engine.

We can reprogram a EFI engine for better performance if needed.

You should always replace your piston every 30 hours and check valve lash every 10 hours.

REMEMBER WHEN WORKING ON ANY ENGINE COMPONENT TO ALWAYS  torque all parts to spec. Refer to your owners manual for all torque specs using a calibrated torque wrench.

Call us or E mail us at if you have any questions.

A CLEAN FILTER IS A KEY TO A Well maintained engine and machine.  

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