Ryo Okuda (Showa)

I have worked with Marshall and he has a really good knowledge of how suspension works and is very meticulous in his work. 

Justin Bogle

As an Amateur growing up I have used Marshall, We won may championships together and my bikes were always at there best. Strongly recommend him..


450 AMA National Winner

Guy Cooper

Marshall and I won a 125 National Championship and over 10outdoor nationals. Still today I use him for all my suspension tuning.

1990 AMA National Champ

Brian Swink

Marshall was like a brother too me, great tuning skills and helped me on winning my 1992 125 AMA SX Championship. We won over 7 races together. Very smart on Bike tuning, suspension set up and a 2 Stroke Jetting wizard.

Larry (Big Bird) Ward

Worked with Marshall 2 times, Yamaha and Honda. In 1997 we had a great year finishing in the top 4 AMA SX and AMA Outdoor nationals. Vet Smart man and really has a great insight on how a big should handle and run.

Ross (Rollerball) Pederson

Together Marshall and won 12 National Championships together. Great work habits and unbelievably great at setting up a motorcycle.

Travis Pastrana

My last year as an amateur Marshall help guide me to winning 2 Titles at Loretta Lynns Ranch. I also won AMA Horizon award. A man with a lot of knowledge for sure. Was a great experience. Thanks Marshall

Jessica Patterson

Marshall helped me win 2 AMA Women's Pro championships. My bike always handled  100 % and we did a lot of testing at the famous Cooperland track.

Thanks Marshall

Ryan Dungey

Marshall did suspension for me and my older brother Jade on Kawasaki as an amateur. We still are friends today, what a great guy.

Colt Nichols

Marshall help guide me too a couple amateur championships. I also was able to use his expertise on the Crossland Hands Team were we had many top 10 finishes in AMA SX.

Kyle Peters

Marshall and I did a lot of testing on the Crossland Race Team. I had many top 5 finishes and was a great experience being able to work with him.

Thanks Marshall

Bob Hannah

I met Marshall while he was working for Honda Canada. I was able to get him his start in AMA MX/SX while i was in charge of American Suzuki Race Team. He was a great asset to the team and won 2 Championships with us and many wins and top 5 finishes.